Crowns and bridges

Crowns and dental bridges

Crowns and bridges are the most common prosthetic works in dentistry, on average they change every 7-10 years, although they can last much longer. Much depends on the patient's hygiene (mostly), general health or local changes in the mouth.

It is extremely important that you maintain proper and regular good oral and dental hygiene, because under these artificial covers are your teeth that can succumb to caries if you neglect them.

In general, the materials from which these restorations are made are absolutely stable, but you should still take care of how you chew and what food at a given time, you should know that the masticatory muscles are extremely strong and that the pressures created during chewing extremely large, so now imagine a piece of hard food or some unwanted object (a pebble in rice, etc.) between the teeth, it can lead to cracking of the ceramic (as you can damage a natural tooth) and then you have an aesthetic problem that is unfortunately very it is difficult (almost not at all) to solve without removing it and making new work. Fortunately, things like this happen less often.

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Replacement of old metal-ceramic bridges with new metal-free crowns with a change of color
One upper front is nicely solved, with metal-free ceramics