White fillings

What are white fillings

White fillings are fillings made of composite material that compensate for the lost part of the tooth caused by caries or a fracture of the tooth itself. In special cases, when the tooth is intact in order to achieve maximum aesthetics with a composite material, we can change the appearance and color of the tooth and call it composite veneers. Composite materials have a color palette, so we completely adapt the white filling to the color of the teeth, unlike amalgam fillings.

The durability of white seals is limited and is conditioned by the following factors:

  • Kvaliteta kompozitnog materijala – prateći najnovije svetske standarde u našoj ordinaciji koristimo samo premijum brendove kombinujući ih individualno za svakog pacijrnta
  • The size of the lost part of the tooth and the exposure to pressure. Gritting your teeth significantly reduces the duration of white fillings due to the pathological forces that are created every day.
  • Adherence to the protocol of making a white seal, isolating the dry working field, applying the material in layers and polymerization (illumination with blue light in order to strengthen the material).

In our office, the installation of fillings is an absolutely painless and pleasant procedure.

Replacing black (amalgam fillings) with white (composite fillings) is recommended for both aesthetic and health reasons.

Amalgam fillings contain alloys of metals such as mercury, lead, copper, silver, which can be harmful to health. Also, due to the way of binding, which is mechanical with black fillings, over time, cracks and gaps are created, and finally caries.

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